Keyframe Caddy

This is a flash extension that really facilitates your workflow. This extension provides a visual display for keyframes withing a graphic symbol. This is very useful for lipsync animation. Give it a try and tell me what you think!



Comedian Lavell Crawford is reminiscing about his child.


Lavell: When my mom used to put that vaseline on my face, make me look all shiny and new she would give me some real good advice.

Lavell’s mom: When your ass get off that bus at 4:30 I want you in that house and I mean in that house. I dont want you to let nobody in that house until I get home from work at nine o clock tonight. You got it?

Lavell: I got it. When I get off that bus at 4:30 I get in that house and lock that door like fort Knox. Go get me some chocolate milk and watch my favorite cartoon “Thundercats”. “Thundercats”. “Thundercats” Woooooooooooooot

Go Lionel Go! I be drinking my chocolate milk. This is the greatest episode I have ever seen in my life!!! Then that doorbell rings though. “Bing bong” And I’m like “who can that be?” I go to the door and be like “who is it”

Laval’s grandma: Baby its your grandma. Open this door and let your grandma in the house.

(Lavell slowly shakes his head)

Lavell: Sorry grandma my momma said not to let nobody in the house and she met nobody in the house until she get out of work at 9 o clock at night.

Grandma: Oh baby, now grandma came all the way here to see you. You know you could let your grandma in the house.

Lavell: I love you too grandma.

Grandma: Now baby, I done catch two buses to get here.

Lavell: I know grandma, I love you too, but my mom said not let nobody in the house and she meant nobody in the house until she get out of work at nine o clock tonight. Now you welcome to catch both them buses back to your house. Or you’re welcome to sit on the porch and wait until she gets out of work at nine o clock tonight. But can you please excuse me, I gotta get back to my thundercats and my chocolate milk.


Then I’ll be like go panther go! Next thing you know the doorbell rings again.

“Bing Bong”


Lavell: What does she want know?!! And I go to the door, “Who is it?”

Dad: Boy its your daddy open this door! You got your grandmama out here sitting in the porch! You open that door and let both of us in right now!!!

Lavell shakes his head again


Lavell: Sorry daddy but mama said not to let nobody in the house and she means nobody in the house until she gets out of work at nine o clock.

Dad: Boy you know I live here!

Lavell shakes his head again

Lavell: Apparently not. You don’t have no keys.

Dad: Imma whoop your chunky ass when I get into that house!

Lavell: Well that will be around nine o clock tonight. Can you please excuse me I have to get back to my thundercats and chocolate milk.

Have you guys heard about the 11 Second Club?

The 11 Second is a website where you are given 11 seconds of dialogue and you must animate a story illustrating the dialogue. They host weekly and monthly contests for everyone. They have a Forum where you can post your work for critique, ask for help, and learn tips and tricks for your animation. If you are stuck and don’t know what you should animate, head to the 11 Second Club for some ideas and inspiration.

Week 1

This is the website that got me started using flash , in there I discover a whole new world of animation. Almost everyone there made animations of all kinds. This inspired me to join the fray and start learning more and more about animations. I went from drawing a small circle moving across the screen to animating stick figures fighting each other in a short amount of time. I believe one of the biggest assets Newgrounds has is their collaborations. Imagine someone coming up with an idea, a theme of some sort, or just a song they like. Now imagine a bunch of animators getting together and starting a big project for that idea,theme, or song on a forum. Exchanging tips and tricks and critiquing each others work until everyone’s part is complete. Finally all the parts are put together into one huge collaboration and is submitted to Newgrounds for people to see. That right there is a Newgrounds Collab. I participated in some of those, some didn’t get completed others did but looking back on it I think the most rewarding experience wasn’t completing the actual project but the journey there. I hope you guys check it out, it is definitely worth a try and you never know you might find a collaboration you are willing to join and contribute too.



You can find the Collaboration section in the forums.